How to Move Up the Ranks in Your Company, Fast?


Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how some people progress fast up the ranks in a company while others do not seem to get ahead much? Here is something to reflect on.

Conviction based on sound information about something is very important. Most people study hard, acquire a degree and then get head-hunted or get a job in a company by sending many ‘resumes’ or ‘CVs’ to different companies, isn’t it? Some people are fortunate to have influential parents or friends who help them get a job. Then what happens? We are happy to get a job. Soon we start finding faults with our company. It happens through co-workers, newspapers, TV, etc. Do you think anything in life is perfect?

What one has to watch is the ratio – does my company have more good than bad features or benefits? Anyway, you can know this only after working a few years in the company. Now how does a successful person behave after getting a job? He finds out how the company works. He finds out how his boss and colleagues work. He observes how the company makes money. Then he starts working with a ‘pro-active’ attitude, contributing to the success of the company through sincere work and helping improve the not so good parts of the system. All of a sudden you hear the person has been promoted or given a great increment. Many people are happy because they know his contribution but some are not so happy and talk about his luck, his friendship with the boss, his influential parents even if he has none! But the fact of the matter is that the senior people who have also travelled the same difficult path understand his contribution.

To be convinced about a company and its products you must understand the company and its products thoroughly. Once you feel that the company is great and they are producing great products and with a sincere attitude you start making a positive impact on your boss, co-workers and customers. If you are in sales the effect is even more pronounced. What is actually happening? You are ‘selling’ more because you sincerely and naturally believe that your company and your products offer value to your customer.

Now if your customer gets to know about the products through you and he has a need, he will purchase it from you. He is not purchasing the product. He is purchasing your conviction and sincerity. Some people say he is sold on YOU.

Most people agree that the qualities that successful people acquire are:

100% positive attitude no matter what

100% positive feelings even for critics with a plan to counter them at the appropriate time

100% conviction about oneself, company and products

100% attitude to help others to achieve what they themselves wish to achieve

100% update of knowledge about people & products

By 100% we mean always improving oneself continuouslY because nothing in life is so perfect that it cannot be improved!

Now if you want to earn more, you have to acquire the above qualities and improve upon them. When you are young, it’s not difficult and when you are old it’s also really not difficult. Don’t make age, sex, religion, race or any other excuse come in the way of your success!

Credits for these reflections go to Dr. Dinesh K Takyar. He is a corporate trainer and a marketing guru. I strongly subscribe to this view. The points in article may sound counter-intuitive. Of course you do not always agree with your company’s approach. You do not always feel to be 100% positive. However, If you take an attititude of 100% commitment to the good of the company you work for, you start to become the person that everybody wants to be associated and work with. There are no politics with you. There is no unproductive gossiping with you. You become a driving force for those around you. Try it and you will be amazed at the positive energy and amazing results it will bring for you and eventually the whole company.

To Your Greatness,



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